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      The Indiana Department of Cannabis (INDOC) is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to lobby and influence the Indiana Senate and Legislatures to vote to end the prohibition of the cannabis plant. Additionally, we are a grassroots citizens movement organized to support, fund, report, protest, and vote these changes into place. We are not a real government department nor are we affiliated with any government entity.  Let us be clear, our name is not meant to deceive anyone, it is a hypothetical representation of our belief and perception that there should in fact be a governing agency by the name of the "Indiana Department of Cannabis".   

      We know that the public opinion has changed and in light of that, it is time for our State to take a serious approach to adapt to those changes. INDOC believes in a simple and logical approach to the way cannabis should be treated in our society.

#1 That the State of Indiana PERMIT AND REGULATE the many industrial uses of the hemp plant.

#2 That the State of Indiana PERMIT AND LICENSE medical marijuana dispensaries as is done in 21 other States.

#3 That the State of Indiana TAX AND REGULATE LIKE ALCOHOL the production and sale of marijuana used for personal and recreational use.

#4 That there be NO CRIMINAL PENALTY for the possession, ingestion, inhalation, or topical application of any form or derivative of the cannabis plant.

     Our members, our donors, our following, have agreed that these basic statements represents the majority belief of our changing times.  And we bind ourselves together and have agreed that these changes are necessary to move the State of Indiana into the future.  80 years of the prohibition of a God given plant is enough.  Please JOIN US, the time has come!